Search Hints

Use Search the Collection to search for posters on a topic of interest to you by typing in one key word or several key words.

Be aware that Search the Collection looks for key words in the poster description only not what category/subject they are about. 

Also Search the Collection looks for key words in the poster description separately. So typing in the keywords "Broadbridge Heath" will find the posters with the word "Broadbridge" as well as all posters with the word "Heath" in their descriptions not just those that contain both words.


Use Select Posters to view posters by subject category via the drop down box. If you want you can then narrow the search further by choosing a secondary subject category and/or a decade but this is not a requirement for the search to work.


You can also use the Search Posters to search by decade only.


For an advanced search you can combine the Search the Collection and Select Posters features together - e.g. searching for the key word ‘Albery’ and the Subject ‘Shopping trade and Transport’.

Note that the search terms remain in the Search the Collection and Select Posters boxes so you can remember what you searched for. The "Clear Search" button is an easy way to set all your search choices back to the beginning when you want to do another search.

Click on a poster image or text on the Home or Search Results pages to see a full description of the poster. You will often find a link to a PDF document in the Description which will contain even more information.

Use the back arrow of your browser (often at the top left of your screen) to go back to the Search Results page to look at another poster.